Christian Community Upset Over "Porn Star" school hire

The Christian community in the Los Angeles area is losing the battle to keep sin out of their children’s lives, and it’s happening at the schools that their children are attending.

Public schools across the nation are about to have the flood gates of sin and sinners unleashed upon our countries high school senior classes.

And the sad fact about what is going on is going to cause our high school to get pregnant and then have abortions.

Isn’t it strange that we can teach high school students sexual education in their class rooms, but the Bible and Christianity cannot even be mentioned in public schools across the country.

And it seems that public schools in the Los Angeles public school disctrict are taking sexual education to a much higher level, and it is stirring up a whole new public school controversy.

A Los Angeles high school has recently hired a porn star, Alexis Texas, pictured below, to teach sex education to their 12th grade student class.

The school’s pricipal, Edward Harley, told KHUN Channel 7 News yesterday, “We feel that the best way to teach students the proper ways to have sex when they turned 18 years old should be taught by an adult film acctress. Too many women are getting married and have no idea as to how to have sex properly, and this is leading to a high rate of divorce across the nation.”

Alexis Texas can only teach the class to students that are at least 18 years of age or older, and that is about 22% of the high school senor class.

Ms. Texas told KHUN Channel 7 News yesterday, “I really feel that I can help the young women of tomorrow the exact oral skills that they will need to succeed in college and later on in their lives. A woman that cannot perform oral sex that well has no place being in a stable relationship, and I will be teaching these 18 and 19 year old ladies how to deep throat without gagging, and how to swallow without feeling sick.”

Many parents have shown outrage, but the school is allowing parents to attend the classes, and Alexis Texas has promised to have sex with the parents of the student that gets the highest grade in the class.

But one parent, Shelley Hebgarb, told Channel 7, “We should be teaching our children more faith based and Christian values to our senoirs and not how to have sex properly.”

But facts are facts because a new report has come out stating that marriages with healthy sex lives have fewer divorces. Going to church, reading the Bible, and attending Sunday mass at Catholic churches are also great ways to curb divorce rates, but Los Angeles high schools refuse to teach any religion in their class rooms.

Ms. Texas will be bringing in male performers from her industry to perform various sex acts on so that the 18 and 19 year old students, both male and female, know exactly what to do in the bedroom that won’t cause any embarrassment, “All men need to be taught at around 18 and 19 years old how to effectly insert their wieners into a woman’s anus so that both parties feel enjoyment.”

Here are the lectures that Alexis Texas will be teaching:

Session 1: Proper uses of lubricants for anal and vaginal sex

Session 2: How to use a vibrator while having intercourse at the same time

Session 3: How to enjoy a threesome without feeling jealous

Session 4: How to kiss another girl without feeling awkward

Alexis Texas has starred in over 2,000 porn movies where she performs lesbian sex, anal sex, oral sex, and gangbangs.

The school also released a statement explaining that this is just a trial run and Alexis Texas will be working on a semester to semester basis.

Ms. Texas also explained that she will be wearing a cheerleader uniform so that she can really get in touch with the high school environment better so that the students feel more comfortable around her while she is teaching.

Many church leaders in the Los Angeles feel that it’s crazy to teach sex in school when you can’t even discuss the Bible in class. Scripture can’t enter the school but porn stars can, we are truly living in a strange time.

We now live in a society where sinners can teach our children, but anyone that shares any evangelical views or evangelical beliefs upon our children is shunned upon.

Having “porn stars” as teachers is only going to cause abortions in the United States to increase, and increase dramatically they will.


Too Sexy For Church – Woman Removed From Mass For Outfits

Is it possible to be too “sexy” to attend Sunday mass at a Catholic church? Well it seems as it is because a 24 year old San Diego woman was asked to leave the church this morning during the 10:00 AM service.

The woman, Kimmy Santos, was asked by an usher to leave mass and to not return again unless she starts wearing more “appropriate” outfits. It seems as if Ms. Santos attends church every Sunday morning wearing outfits that the church deems inappropriate.

Ms. Santos posted these pics below on her Twitter account explaining that these are the past few outfits that she has wrn to church, the first pic is what she was wearing this morning that got her kicked out of mass.

-Outfit Number 1-

-Outfit Number 2-

-Outfit Number 3-

-Outfit Number 4-

-Outfit Number 5-

-Outfit Number 6-

-Outfit Number 7-

The real question we need to ask ourselves as people with Christian beliefs, do we have the right to judge people by what they wear to church? Shouldn’t we be happy that Ms. Santos is a young woman that is choosing to spend her Sunday mornings practicing worship and not out partying like most young woman her age are choosing to do more and more these days?

Perhaps someone could suggested to her that she may want to cover up more when she attends church, but again, why should we care what a young woman chooses to wear as long as she is not causing any harm.

Perhaps the people who wanted her to be removed were thinking sinful thoughts about this young lady, and instead of dealing with their own moral obligations they chose to eliminate the cause of their lustful thoughts.

As Christians we need to accept other Christians no matter how they dress.

Let’s all hope and pray that Ms. Santos returns to mass next week wearing outfits of her own choosing and not what she is told to wear. Let’s worry about ourselves and not make others feel bad about themselves because we can’t keep our eyes off of someone.

Here is a simple solution to anyone that has a problem with what Ms. Santos wears to church; instead of staring at this young lady just open your bible and pay attention to the service at hand and not to the people praying around you.

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Turn Regular Oil Into Healing Holy Oil

For thousands of years it’s been used in
Holy Consecrations, baptisms, and other ceremonies.

But according to a controversial pastor…

“We’ve been mixing Anointed oil
WRONG for almost 2,000 years.”

He went on to explain that we’ve been
infusing the oil without its KEY ingredient…

An ingredient that God himself
hints at in the book of Exodus.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical.

Especially when the pastor told me that
mixing anointed oil the CORRECT way…
“the way that God had intended” (as he put it )
was singlehandedly responsible for
hundreds of miraculous healings.

Naturally, I was even more skeptical by this point.

But the pastor’s deep belief in what he was
saying convinced me to watch his video, and learn more.

I was shocked when he revealed the missing ingredient,
and frankly, very surprised by the incredibly strong evidence
he provided to support his thesis.

But you be the judge for yourself.

Click here to watch this video before it’s banned!

According to the pastor (and maybe he’s just being paranoid but…)
certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to
suppress the secret he exposes in his controversial video – so watch it now
while you still can.


Congressman Sean Duffy Resigns after Learning of Unborn Baby’s Heart Condition

Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) announced his resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives, effective September 23rd. Duffy posted the announcement to his official Facebook page on Monday, thanking the residents of Wisconsin for the opportunity to represent them and explaining the rationale behind his departure.

Duffy, currently serving his fifth term representing Wisconsin’s 7thCongressional District, and his wife Rachel are expecting a baby in October and recently discovered that the child has a heart condition. He said in his statement that, “Recently, we’ve learned that our baby, due in late October, will need even more love, time, and attention due to complications, including a heart condition. With much prayer, I have decided that this is the right time for me to take a break from public service in order to be the support my wife, baby and family need right now. It is not an easy decision – because I truly love being your Congressman – but it is the right decision for my family, which is my first love and responsibility.”

Duffy and his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, both formerly starred on MTV’s The Real World. Duffy was on season six, set in Boston, and Rachel was on the third season, which was filmed in San Francisco. The couple currently have eight children, ranging in age from 19 to 3.

Compos-Duffy told the National Review over the summer that the couple had received pushback from liberal commenters online over the couple having their ninth child. She said, “I did notice that when I announced that I was pregnant with my ninth, it made some of the tabloid news as well as some of the political blogs, and what I found fascinating is the comments on the Daily Mail or were largely positive.” She continued, “It was on Politico and The Hill where many commenters had awful things to say about people with large families. And it was so much misogynistic stuff like ‘Keep your legs closed,’ or comments that I’m basically an environmental terrorist – a lot of comments about our carbon footprint, which [I] thought was fascinating as well.”

Duffy thanked the residents of his district for the privilege of serving them, but said he recognized that he currently had a higher calling. He said, “I will be forever grateful for and humbled by the faith and sacred trust you have put in me all these years. I am especially grateful for the prayers said on behalf of our family. We hope they keep coming! I will miss being your Congressman, but I am also looking forward to having more time with my family, being home for more birthdays and hockey games, and having time to enjoy and care for our new baby girl, who is already so loved by our family.”

The governor of Wisconsin cannot call for a special election until Duffy’s seat is officially vacant. An election will take place within three or four months of the governor’s order for the special election.

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Most Popular Church Worship Songs

Build My Life was the most popular worship song in churches over the past three years, according to new Faithlife Proclaim data, which also showed Hillsong had two songs in the Top 5.

Build My Life was co-written by Housefires’ Pat Barrett and features Chris Tomlin on vocals. It was nominated for the Worship Song of the Year for this year’s GMA Dove Awards in October.

Faithlife Proclaim is a church presentation software from Faithlife, the creators of the Logos Bible Software. The company compiled data from Proclaim users from the past three years.

The second-most popular worship song in churches during the last three years was Hillsong’s What a Beautiful Name, followed by Hillsong’s Who You Say I Am, Tomlin’s How Great is Our God and Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons.

Although worship songs are the most popular songs by Proclaim users, hymns remain widely used, too. The most popular hymns were How Great Thou Art, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flowand Amazing Grace.

Hark The Herald Angels Singwas the most popular Christmas hymn, whileHosanna and Christ the Lord is Risen Today were the most popular songs around Easter.

The Proclaim data also revealed Chris Tomlin’s Good, Good Father was played in more than 700 churches on Father’s Day this year, even though it’s typically sung in fewer than 200 churches most Sundays.

“Faithlife Proclaim’s data gives us a snapshot of trends and popularity of both the new modern-day and traditional worship songs within churches across America,” said Bob Pritchett, founder and CEO of Faithlife. “Overall, this data shows how music unites regardless of size, denomination or location.”

Barrett said he wrote the lyrics to Build My Life when he was going through major change in his life, including being a new parent.

“I was looking for steadiness in my own life,” he told HIS Radio in 2018. “… Metaphorically [in the song,] you’re looking to worship God but you’re also looking down to see some of those places that you’ve stood on. … You’re trying to get your footing and you realize you can’t [get] that in a job. You can’t do that with building your own persona or money. You go through an economic downturn and all of a sudden the thing that was steady is not so steady anymore. The invitation from Jesus is always to put your feet on the Rock and find strength in that.”

Barrett added, “I sing this song in my own time of worship all the time.”

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Overcomer Director: God, and not Feelings, Defines Your Identity

The culture may be embroiled in a debate over identity, but God settled the issue long ago, says the director of the new faith-based film Overcomer.

The movie opens this weekend, telling the story of a high school basketball coach who is on the verge of competing for a state championship when his best players move out of town. Suddenly, the coach’s primary identity – that of a successful, title-contending coach – disappears. He grows depressed and struggles to find purpose.

Overcomer (PG) was made by the same filmmaking brother tandem – director Alex Kendrick and producer Stephen Kendrick – that made the No. 1 hit War Room (2015).

Overcomer spotlights the believer’s identity in Christ. The movie’s ads ask: What do you allow to define you?

“It’s interesting that our culture is debating… what our identity should be based on,” Alex Kendrick told Christian Headlines. “Culture would say it’s your feelings, or at least it’s your status, or your title, your finances. But because God created us, we would say that the Creator gets to define his creation and that we find the fullest intended version of ourselves, when we find ourselves in the One who created us.”

A life without the proper identity, Kendrick added, is a life without joy and peace.

“What we say in the movie is God loves you the most, knows you the best, and has the authority to tell you who you are,” he said. “And so why would we let feelings – or anything that changes – tell us who we are? Those things can be stripped away. And we think culture needs to hear that and be told that there is an anchor that you can lock onto that is unchanging. That’s the character of Jesus Christ, and He loves you. So for us, it’s the right time for this message. It’s the right time for this theme.”

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Denzel Washington Prayed and Read the Bible Every Day

Denzel Washington revealed that while shooting the forthcoming film, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” he and producer and writer Dan Gilroy prayed and read the Bible every day.

“God put us together,” the 62-year-old Academy Award winner told The Gospel Herald during a press junket at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles Saturday. “We prayed every day, we read the daily Word every day.”

He added, “Dan and I have been prayer partners in this whole collaboration…We were on the same page from day one. We know Who we work for, and we’re just trying to do our best work.”

Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” also starring actors Colin Farrell and Carmen Ejogo, follows an idealistic defense attorney (Washington) whose deeply-held beliefs are shaken when an unexpected series of events challenge his passion for helping the poor and disenfranchised.

“He is Old Testament, he knows the law, but, not to say he doesn’t have faith, but he has faith in the law,” Washington explained of his character. “His conviction was through the law.”

While the film isn’t “faith-based,” it’s chock-full of biblical themes, including sacrifice, (Roman gives up family, fortune, and reputation for the sake of a cause he firmly believes in), honor, and faith in the unseen.

“I speak now and I’m doing what God told me to do from the beginning,” Washington told GH. “It was prophesied that I would travel the world and preach to millions of people. It was prophesied when I was 20. I thought it was through my work and it has been.”

“My mother said to me when I was 59, she said, ‘Denzel, you do a lot of good. You have to do good the right way and you know what I’m talking about,'” Washington continued. “I don’t drink anymore, I don’t do any of those things. I’m all about the message, to the degree that I know it, and I’m unashamed and unafraid to share it!”

In the age of social media, Washington said it’s easy to lose sight of one’s convictions, as society is constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information.

“I was reading about this today in my prayer and meditation – it is so difficult to trust that Jesus died for our sins because the mind never shuts off, especially in this world,” he said. “We know, we know, we know, but we forget, moment by moment.”

He urged young people to ask themselves: “What is the long, if not short-term effect of too much information?”

“It’s accelerated now, it’s on steroids, it’s moving so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up,” Washington said of the social media age. “What happens to the part of the brain that figures things out? We better understand that we are addicted to this,” he added, holding up a cell phone. “It’s not its fault, it’s a magnification and a reflection of our own free will.”

Washington revealed that Pastor A.R. Bernard, senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York, once shared with him Daniel chapter 10 from the Bible, saying, “‘God puts leaders in place for a reason and a season.'”

“There’s a reason, you may not like what’s going on but the boss has a reason,” Washington said, pointing heavenward.

Like Roman, Washington urged millennials to hold fast to their convictions and share the truth of the gospel with a watching world — no matter how unpopular.

“I pray for your generation,” he said. “What an opportunity you have! Don’t be depressed by it because we have to go through this, we’re here now. You can’t put that thing back in the box.”

The actor went on to say that his father, who was a pastor, once “slapped him down” because he questioned his father’s predictions about the End Times.

“Each generation, we’re all guilty of it, we think it’s gonna happen when we’re here. We as a species, God’s children, have to go through this!” he emphasized. “We don’t know where we are in it [the End Times]’. We may think we’re at 10, but we may just be at one. None of us know, but we are going through it. And you, after we’re long gone, are going to have to go through. So at least be aware.”

He added, “I would say to your generation – find a way to work together because this is a very divisive, angry time you’re living in, unfortunately, because we didn’t grow up like that.”

“Roman J. Israel, Esq.” hits theaters on Nov. 22. For more information on “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” visit the movie’s website.