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Christians Upset That Bill Cosby Might Be Back On TV Sooner Than Later!

If you are a person of faith, doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Catholic, Jew, Mormon ..etc, we would LOVE your feedback on this breaking news about Bill Cosby if you have time to chime in with an opinion because our voices must be heard if there is to be real change in this world.

Sources won’t say who the streaming service will be, but both Netflix and HULU have notified major Hollywood player letting them know that Cosby will NOT be on either of their platforms.

Believe it or not, but now that Bill Cosby is a free man, and just 24 hours after being released from prison, sources say that the ex- Pudding Pop salesman, and owner of the world’s ugliest sweater collection, is in talks with a major streaming service to have a new sitcom created for him.

Bill Cosby has been pitching ideas to television producers since entering prison, and one of the ideas would place him as a bartender in a “Cheers” type show…now that would be quite ironic since “The Cos” has been linked to “drugging” women through cocktails and other beverages in order to have sex with them.

A few sources close to the women that Bill Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting are going to get a petition started to help keep the comedian off of any TV platform, either network or streaming.

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Turn Regular Oil Into Healing Holy Oil

For thousands of years it’s been used in
Holy Consecrations, baptisms, and other ceremonies.

But according to a controversial pastor…

“We’ve been mixing Anointed oil
WRONG for almost 2,000 years.”

He went on to explain that we’ve been
infusing the oil without its KEY ingredient…

An ingredient that God himself
hints at in the book of Exodus.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical.

Especially when the pastor told me that
mixing anointed oil the CORRECT way…
“the way that God had intended” (as he put it )
was singlehandedly responsible for
hundreds of miraculous healings.

Naturally, I was even more skeptical by this point.

But the pastor’s deep belief in what he was
saying convinced me to watch his video, and learn more.

I was shocked when he revealed the missing ingredient,
and frankly, very surprised by the incredibly strong evidence
he provided to support his thesis.

But you be the judge for yourself.

Click here to watch this video before it’s banned!

According to the pastor (and maybe he’s just being paranoid but…)
certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to
suppress the secret he exposes in his controversial video – so watch it now
while you still can.


Most Popular Church Worship Songs

Build My Life was the most popular worship song in churches over the past three years, according to new Faithlife Proclaim data, which also showed Hillsong had two songs in the Top 5.

Build My Life was co-written by Housefires’ Pat Barrett and features Chris Tomlin on vocals. It was nominated for the Worship Song of the Year for this year’s GMA Dove Awards in October.

Faithlife Proclaim is a church presentation software from Faithlife, the creators of the Logos Bible Software. The company compiled data from Proclaim users from the past three years.

The second-most popular worship song in churches during the last three years was Hillsong’s What a Beautiful Name, followed by Hillsong’s Who You Say I Am, Tomlin’s How Great is Our God and Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons.

Although worship songs are the most popular songs by Proclaim users, hymns remain widely used, too. The most popular hymns were How Great Thou Art, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flowand Amazing Grace.

Hark The Herald Angels Singwas the most popular Christmas hymn, whileHosanna and Christ the Lord is Risen Today were the most popular songs around Easter.

The Proclaim data also revealed Chris Tomlin’s Good, Good Father was played in more than 700 churches on Father’s Day this year, even though it’s typically sung in fewer than 200 churches most Sundays.

“Faithlife Proclaim’s data gives us a snapshot of trends and popularity of both the new modern-day and traditional worship songs within churches across America,” said Bob Pritchett, founder and CEO of Faithlife. “Overall, this data shows how music unites regardless of size, denomination or location.”

Barrett said he wrote the lyrics to Build My Life when he was going through major change in his life, including being a new parent.

“I was looking for steadiness in my own life,” he told HIS Radio in 2018. “… Metaphorically [in the song,] you’re looking to worship God but you’re also looking down to see some of those places that you’ve stood on. … You’re trying to get your footing and you realize you can’t [get] that in a job. You can’t do that with building your own persona or money. You go through an economic downturn and all of a sudden the thing that was steady is not so steady anymore. The invitation from Jesus is always to put your feet on the Rock and find strength in that.”

Barrett added, “I sing this song in my own time of worship all the time.”

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