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Why Giving Is Better Than Receiving:

God himself gave His begotten son to save the Human Kind. In the book of Mark 20:35 ‘There is more happiness in Giving rather than Receiving”. Giving is in the Bible, and thus as Christian, the Bible is our command and guider; therefore, we should follow.

In our life, we meet with people who need our help either in material things or spiritual help. Thus raising the need why the Christian should give more and expect less from others, and the Bible says “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” If you are a Christian and you are yet to embraces the acts of giving others, I believe this article will help you change and begin giving more and expecting less from other people.

Christians should show mercy to each other:

*Following God Commands
*It is our responsibility to help
*It is an act of happiness
*Act of receiving God Blessings
*We Give to thanks, God
*Giving is relatively easy
*God uses His power through Giving

Christian Should Show Mercy To Each Other:

Christian should ensure they show some mercy to each other through giving instead expecting to receive. Each Christian is called to extend the hand of mercy to other people, especially those in need of our help. Some people are poor in heart, and others lack material things. With these people in society, it is our obligation to shows some help to such people. In the Bible, the acts of compassion and mercy are numerously mentioned, thus requiring Christian to adhere.

Following God Commands:

God gave us commandment in the Old Statements where we as Christian we are supposed to follow and ensure we provide some financial help to other people in the society. Lord, Himself gives us more and thus, as Christian, we should also help our neighbors who are in need. Besides that, if giving is in the Bible, therefore a Christian, we have nothing but to follow the Bible and practice what God demands from us as Christian.

It Is Our Responsibility To Help:

Every Christian has a responsibility to help one another irrespective of the background difference. In society, some people are going through significant challenges in life, which call for help from all Christian. Today, if all Christian would embrace giving more than receiving the World, could be a better place.

If God Himself helped humanity, thus, the Christians should emulate Him through helping one another. In my life as a Christian, I have embraced helping other people without necessarily expecting to receive anything.

It Is An Act Of Happiness:

Sharing brings happiness to those receiving, and thus, there is a need for the Christian to embrace giving rather than waiting to receive from others. As Christian, we should champion happiness to other people in life, especially those who are less fortunate in our society. As Christian from our church, we decided to help the street kids, and we were able to put a smile on their faces. In doing such kind of acts as Christian, it was an act of extending happiness to those people who could be grieving.

Act Of Receiving God Blessing:

God blesses the hand that gives, as Christian; we should always give to expects more blessing from God. The small acts of love and compassion we show to our brothers and sisters as Christian it would lead to us receiving more blessing from God. Blessing from the Almighty Lord is what we as Christian need to grow and be able to fight all the battles which the Satan has put on us.

Giving Thanks To God:

Through giving others, it shows an act of giving thanks to Lord, the Lord blesses us with the material thing, and we can always give thanks to Him by helping others in society. Sometimes we get more blessing from God, and we forget to give thanks, and we tend to thinks that tithing is all that is needed from us as Christian. However, that is not the case for Christian as we are supposed to tithe and also give to other people in our life.

Giving Is Relatively Easy:

Sometimes giving is an easy activity and only requires little from us. For instance, there are many ways you can give to others. You can offer to others your time where you sacrifice your time for other people in society. On the other hand, a Christian can provide warmth friendship to other people, thus making them feel compassion and love.

God Uses His Power Through Giving:

We as Christian, we are the Ambassador of the Lord, and thus, Lord can use us to manifest His love to the universe. When going through some difficulties in life, one would pray to God, and He answers those prayers through those people around you. For instance, a Christian may be used by the Lord in answering someone else prayer, which shows some power of God. We should always open our heart and allows God to use us in manifesting his power to all Christians.


We need to embrace giving rather than expecting to receive since it has more Blessing from God. Many people need our help both spiritually and also in material things, thus showing the need for Christian to give more. There is a need for the Christian to ensure they demonstrate some acts of love and also compassion to each other to ensure no one is suffering in our midst.

Lord blesses us through small acts of helping other people; thus, we as God ambassador, we should manifest this in our life. For example, there orphans children and also streets kids who need our help to survive, and we should extend the hand of compassionate to them. Besides that, there are those people who are poor in their heart, and as Christian, we should help them.

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