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Courageous Conversations National Gathering 2019

My key take-away’s from the conference:

Walter Strickland’s definition of sin as, “Creations deviation from Gods design.” Sounds simple but in a culture, where being a “sinner” is almost the equivalent of the scarlet letter A on one’s chest banishing them to hell; not a symptom of a fallen world that all humans experience. I see this definition as necessary to keep us all grounded and repentant.

John Kinney’s statement, “Guess what yall. All of this is speculation. All of it……I love God so much I don’t wanna be satisfied with simplistic responses to complex issues that privilege me to be comfortable while somebody else is victimized.” We often forget that none of us is God and the God of the Bible is so big that He can’t fit the totality of Himself in 66 books, denominations or all of mankind’s theological understanding combined. Hence conversations not debates.

I challenge you to view at least one of the discussions and tell me what you think!

Please take the time to check out Jude 3 Project’s Podcast, Youtube Channel and Facebook page. The website also offers a bibliography of Early African Christianity and information on their upcoming curriculum: Through the Eyes of Color. I pray that my experience encourages you to pick a conference and challenge your understanding of Christianity this year


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